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as the latest. law enforcement officials in boston are saying that nineteen year old the boston bombing suspect just hearts or ny is finally awake he's currently at a boston hospital being treated for injuries we're hearing that he is awake and answering officials questions sporadically in writing there asking him about any further possible accomplices in the boston bombings case as well as whether or not any further explosive devices should be of concern to officials but as of yet we're not hearing any details officials are not revealing any details in terms of the answers that is giving them of course all of this comes after he was arrested friday night after a mass lockdown took place in boston after a unprecedented manhunt that took place here and a several hour shootout between law enforcement and this nineteen year old suspect we do know that he suffered so serious injuries in the shootout and has been treated at a local hospital here in boston he suffered injuries to his throat and was unable
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to speak and this is precisely what officials have been waiting for to be able to communicate with him to find out the motives to the boston bombings as well as the participation of any pearl possible further accomplices and of course we have to note that the miranda rights off tonight have been revoked the right and he has to remain silent as well as a right to a lawyer or being deny to him because officials are interested in being able to question him without being able to use this right and the fact that his miranda rights have been revoked is receiving major criticism throughout the united states and causing really a lot of debate civil rights groups are saying that he should be able to have these rights provided to him. a u.s. citizen being investigated in a criminal case but certainly this is not been the case officials are using the public safety clause and the criticism stems from the fact that they did say earlier that any immediate threat has been removed also it's important to mention that republican lawmakers in the united states have been suggest. that i have been
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treated as an enemy competence this is also been a topic of much debate because we are of course talking about a u.s. citizen or nine didn't become a naturalized citizen last year on september eleventh he has also lived in the united states since two thousand and two and this case involves u.s. a u.s. citizen committing a terror act on u.s. soil it's also important to know that a major aspect of this case that's being debated is the participation of the f.b.i. because as we do know back in two thousand and eleven they did receive a request from a foreign government this is russia's government that said that they should look into the identity of the older brother the older suspect to milan he did in fact bring to milan in for questioning the followed his phone calls they intercepted his social relationships but did come to a conclusion that he is not dangerous and did end up freeing him of course because the f.b.i. right now is being criticized for this they're going to trace their steps back look into what exactly they could have missed but also try to establish right now with
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the second suspect being alive whether the two brothers had any kind of connection to extremist groups that they might have overlooked two years ago and in the time in the years and diesel leading up to the bombings that took place here in boston and also of course they're going to consider and look into the purposes of the trip that the older brother tamerlan when he went back to the north caucuses for about six months they're going to try to see whether or not this time was used for him to be able to communicate with extremist groups on the ground especially. boston massachusetts the suspects family claims they had been under f.b.i. surveillance for the past five years and refused to believe that the young men carried out this atrocity at his medina culture never went to the north caucuses where the brother's family lives now and spoke to one of their relatives. the city of nashville is in deep shock for what happened to the brothers ferentz refused to talk to any media in the early saturday but i managed to speak to
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a close relative of the family took my two months of the month about who is married to the voice uncle now she told me how already tragic and difficult the life of the family was but for years they have been moving from one place to another as the father of the two brothers couldn't find a proper job they have been moving from kyrgyzstan to change and back to cure it is the later to dagestan where they spent just a bit over a year until they moved to the united states in two thousand and two now she showed us some pictures were taken during that time i mean some of them captured those brothers in their early childhood and then one the older brother is just over a year old now she's found a lot of time with the time of law and when he came to visit his parents to dagestan and she describes him as a really nice family loving and caring young man he talked a lot about his american wife catherine and about their daughter and when i asked her whether she expressed any acts or interest in islam she told me that his
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interest was never overwhelming the middle and wasn't a religious fanatic she was curious about religion he started to be really interested in islam about three years ago but he was never a radical who would talk about his commitment to religion but it wasn't extreme fighting much was devastated she remembers that just part of the younger brother plan to come to dagestan this may and now their father plans to go to the united states to. see much can't believe they were involved in that tragedy. it's impossible to believe that they could carried out just impossible it's terrible but i can believe it there are children who respected the parents along with the middle and was very attentive to older people to his family for him have been was at his mother's feet the parents mobile phone. it's a rarity swished on behalf since managed to speak to the mother of the two brothers on the phone and the woman sounded sated she kept repeating that her sons are
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innocent she also mentioned that her eldest son time it alone was under constant f.b.i. surveillance for years but on sunday she refused to answer any questions asked for the father he told me also in a telephone conversation that he doesn't want to talk to any media now dozens of journalists the cop descended on this region to really hold out that some lives will never be brighter and will hold for the said someone to watch their sons and it up you made some little cracks in the boston terrorist attack with one down the other under an armed guard and as we've been reporting russia apparently warned if the f.b.i. had one of the suspects was following radical islam but u.s. investigators apparently saw nothing suspicious former u.s. federal agent coleen rowley explain to us why she thinks the case wasn't properly pursued. well there's this two are possible explanations here and maybe both one is there's this idea that when you're looking for a needle in the haystack the answer is to put more hay so they are collecting what
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data was the date at massive data and innocent americans that's all part of this top secret america and actually it turns the ability you can still call me and the real critical pieces the other topic tend to like square nation is that you know this idea terrorism is such a confusing concept because we have our own terrorists and they are terrorists it's that the definition is supposed to be our acts of violence against civilians for political purposes but you see this over and over where their they use us considers that there are good rebels and good freedom fighters at the very least the separatists in other countries are not considered as terrorists and the lack of follow up that the f.b.i. has had is not unusual. the revelation that the boston bombings suspects are of chechen origin has led to a quick shift in american attitudes towards the region on r.t.
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dot com we have an opinion on how the u.s. standard u.s. portrayal of arm to chechen groups as freedom fighters changed overnight to depict them now as fresh as militants. thanks. the boston marathon attacks were not the only tragedy to hit the u.s. this week a powerful blast ripped through a small texas town on wednesday after a fertilizer plant caught fire at least fourteen people lost their lives most of them emergency responders and almost two hundred were injured. oh no i don't think i think they're very early to tell you. the explosion very powerful which you just witnessed is believed to have been an accident slammed entire neighborhoods in the town of west leaving several schools and a nursing home in ruins a spokesman for the texas department of public safety was at the scene and
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described what he saw. i can tell you i was there i walked through the blast area i searched some houses earlier tonight massive just like iraq just like the murray building in oklahoma city. exploded so you can imagine what kind of damage we're looking out there. the disaster is believed to have been caused by ammonium nitrate and potentially explosive fertilizer stored at the plant in large quantities fears of a toxic leak and a further blast to lead to mass evacuation but now people are returning to their homes there remains a question mark over how the plant slipped through the safety net of inspectors dr jeffrey patterson from the school of medicine at the university of wisconsin thanks federal regulations are protecting business interests at the cost of human life. there's been this montreaux that we have to deregulate we have to take away regulations so business can thrive and obviously we see examples like this or
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fukushima for example where when we do that we suffer the consequences in the end and so i think and we're seeing it with the environmental protection agency today where they are probably getting new regulations if there is another fukushima or trouble that will all of the clean up to being much more relaxed than it currently is and not force people to be moved out of the area because of radiation damage so there's this tremendous move. to deregulate things to take away the powers of the e.p.a. and other regulatory agencies and i think that's we're seeing now that that's a very dangerous precedent and coming up later in the program revving up for revolt police in bahrain a violently suppress anti-government protests accompanying the formula one grand prix as peaceful demonstrators call on the international community to acknowledge
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human rights abuses in the kingdom instead of racing cars. buses really police to handcuff the palestinian teenager in front of an angry crowd saying they just wanted to calm the protesters down details just ahead. nicolas maduro has taken the reins of power in one of the world's most oil rich nations he was sworn in as venezuela's president on friday but it's been a rough start for the chosen successor for the late as as his narrow victory sparked post-election violence that left seven people dead and the government blames the opposition for instigating the clashes which erupted when thousands of supporters of main rival took to the streets they demanded a total vote recount the country's top electoral body did finally agree to a partial audit but cautioned that the poll result was universal author william robinson a professor of sociology at university of california santa barbara says the protests
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might be a part of an ongoing effort to destabilize venezuela. this is not a new tactic on the part of washington and an attack of the. not a new tactic on the part of the new the venezuelan opposition and generally the far right in latin america which aligns with washington the idea is you have an all out to struggles and this civilization campaign this is simply another tactic within that campaign there's been diplomatic isolation economic sabotage our military activity the attempted coup d'etat in two thousand and two the massive us financing for the internal opposition including for property they say and for the organizations that he represents and so we see this very often when this election which is very close and when the united states wants to get rid of a government in this case the. government around an election it will launch violence and trying to create chaos and instability and the united states will not recognize the results and this is really at least of this is an incredible the focus on the part of u.s. foreign policy because mexico just had elections in which there was
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a massive fall because mexico's a close ally of the united states it's the u.s. immediately look recognizes the results in the group the charges by opposition that therefore the united states has no moral authority whatsoever to talk about the going to sort of them elections even if the auditor does confirm that the newly elected president will have trouble maintaining his predecessor's popularity by an american scholar miguel tinker solace told us about some of the upcoming challenges . i think it tells us that there are real problems in venezuela and that model will have a very short period in which he has to begin to address these issues or will have will have a confronting a crisis within his own party and among his own supporters he has to address head on the question of prying the question of inflation the question of infrastructure eliezer real issues that affect real venezuelans and although they felt the pain for a job is a significant number also now begin to criticize and to see them need to actually
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carry through and implement change i think we're going to see a continuation of venezuelans foreign policy i think there's a difference between criticizing us and being anti american i think we'll see a promotion of latin american policy the promotion of a multi-polar world that is the u.s. is not the dominant issue on their agenda they have relations with russia with china with europe with that with latin american countries and we'll see i think a continuity within that that's been part of the strength promoted by the chavez administration and my little should recall was the foreign minister in charge of chalices foreign policy so i very much see continuity during this period and we've got more analysis on what the post chavez landscape in venezuela could look like on r.t. dot com don't miss out on our in vision section there where you'll find a dramatic pictures from the recent protests that along with plenty of other stories waiting for you online. including this is interesting the human race has a backup plan in case of disaster strikes or earth go to r.t.
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dot com for all of the details on where american scientists have discovered planets that could support human life. plus detroit's streets could soon be cleared of the homeless but find out why the police's way of dealing with the issue is causing complaints and concern had r t dot com for the full story. the checkered flag has come down on the formula one's a bahrain grand prix a race which just. hours before it began saw protests against the event being hosted in the country it followed days of mass protests leading up to the race by activists angry that it was being used to mask the gulf kingdom's grave human rights abuses rallies are for democratic reform have been ongoing for over two years now often turning violent with more than seventy people killed on both sides a crackdown even extends to writing on twitter with the country's most famous human rights activist job behind bars for posting anti-government messages artie's public
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boyko reports now on his struggle. not long before his imprisonment bahrain's most famous human rights campaigner was in london talking to another prominent activist and whistleblower julian a saunders so we came here to london's ecuadorian embassy which the wiki leaks founder has been calling home for some ten months now in order to have a chat about the man at the forefront of bahrain's pro-democracy struggle i began by asking the fans why he was so keen to invite me to be over a job for an interview on his exclusive r.t. show. nine hundred thousand people. one hundred fifty thousand twitter followers prize predominantly. the population of. sincere interest of a number of other activists in the brain screen from. time to present grazing rights was the most prominent voice for the.
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speaking to julian assange over job was unequivocal about his determination to fight for democracy in bahrain if you have a goal and if you believed you did just. because you wanted to. difficulties and you know. the changes that you were fighting for it's been good for hundreds is not an easy thing to change. those changes you have to be willing to pay a price and my that price might be your life for to be over a job that price has become is freedom three months after that interview was that he was sentenced to three years behind bars but according to a staunch keeping him in prison on the current charges is going to be increasingly difficult for the bahraini government. cartoonish form just because he did not
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resign on the same stand criticizing the. authority it's hard for the people with the courage to come. we can't be cowed and so i think is long term prospects accorded good amnesty international have labeled him a prisoner of conscience but unless the international community wakes up to abuses environ there's little that may be over john's going to be tasting freedom anytime soon. london's ecuadorian embassy. in iraq at least three people have been killed and more than twenty wounded when a suicide bomber blew himself up inside a restaurant in the city of fallujah near the country's capital that's according to police now saturday's provincial elections were marred by violence with bombs and mortar shells exploding near police stations in polling stations injuring dozens there iraqis have cast their ballots in the country's first vote since u.s.
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combat troops withdrew at the end of two thousand and eleven the election also took place against a backdrop of anti-government protests raging in sunni dominated provinces where voting was postponed allegedly due to security concerns the new local authorities will have to cope with a country deeply divided along religious and ethnic ethnic lines and in the grip of fierce competition for its rich oil reserves are more. they call them those who face death gong once guerrilla rebels fighting saddam for an independent kurdistan now an officially sanctioned force in iraq's semi autonomous kurdish region the peshmerga and the iraqi troops are supposed to be on the same side after all they're citizens of one country but for more than a year now here in northern iraq the two armies have been pitted against each other their weapons locked and loaded these peshmerga soldiers are on alert twenty four hours a day they're guarding the kurdish front line of the so-called disputed territory
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now no iraq the soldiers are allowed beyond this point if either army advances if there's even a single misfire it could spark a new war we have enough forces in place and enough firepower for the peshmerga to defend against any surprises if for attacks of course we will retaliate at the heart of the disputed territory is cure kuku which both baghdad and the kurds say belongs to them. it's like a small version of iraq with sunni shia christians arabs and it's disputed because . but of course the other reason is. the oil fires illustrate the main reason that this land is so hotly contested kirkuk a sitting on an estimated ten billion barrels of oil and is responsible for a large chunk of iraq's current output that's enough to sustain an independent state should the kurds get their way and annex this disputed territory it's also
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enough to bankrupt iraq if the oil revenue is lost. that revenue makes up ninety five percent of iraq's annual budget of more than one hundred billion dollars and there's a lot more money at stake the international energy agency says iraq could export a staggering five trillion dollars worth of oil over the next two decades the kurds and the central government are supposed to share these profits but they haven't been able to sort out how will the. transformed kurdistan into a boom town in the capital of air bill construction projects dot the landscape there are luxury malls and foreign investors are flocking here in the region looks and feels like a different country and for the kurds that may be the ultimate goal but for now this is one iraq divided into two. r.t. reporting from the disputed territories in iraq now let's take a look at some other international news making headlines for you this hour the death toll from the massive earthquake in the southwest a chinese province of sichuan has reached two hundred aid with over eleven and
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a half thousand more injured damaged roads traffic jams and large aftershocks hampered the rescue operation the six point six magnitude earthquake struck the region on saturday morning in a two thousand and eight quake in the same the province left more than seventy thousand people dead. demonstrators in new delhi have a clash with police on the second day of a furious protests over the rape and torture of a five year old girl protesters vented their anger over allegations that police ignored the girl's parents complaints that their child was missing and demanded the city's police chief step down meanwhile doctors say the young victim's condition has stabilized reports of violence against women have risen since the brutal gang rape of a student on a bus last december caused an outpouring of anger and numerous anti-government rallies. at least seventy four girls in north afghanistan have fallen sick after inhaling gas at their school several of the victims remain in
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critical condition officials fear the schoolgirls might have been poisoned by ultra conservative activists opposed to female education since the taliban lost control of the country in two thousand and one women have won back their right to education voting and employment but sporadic attacks on female students continue. london marathon runners have paid tribute to the victims of the boston bomb attacks sunday's race was preceded by a thirty second to silence the marathon taking in major london landmarks has been held under intense scrutiny hundreds of police were out in force along the twenty six mile route helicopters patrolled the sky and everyone approaching the finishing line had to pass a security checkpoint organizers hailed of this in the thirty third annual race as the most successful ever israeli police are being accused of using a handcuffed palestinian teenager as a human shield it is after
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a video emerged depicting them parading the youth through an angry crowd supposedly in an attempt to calm the protesters our middle east correspondent reports. on friday israeli police paraded this handcuffed palestinian the youth during protests that were taking place in the palestinian neighborhood of abu dis which is on the outskirts of east jerusalem human rights groups have accused the army of using the child as a human shield defense for children international palestine has posted a video on you tube that shows helmeted israeli border policeman removing this young palestinian who is identified as mohammad asif interior from the army jeep and forcing him to stand both sides them with handcuffed hands raised above his head human rights groups have released a statement saying that they're outraged that israeli soldiers continue to use palestinian children in this way as human shields with impunity but claim is that the teen was deliberately exposed to danger after he had been taken into custody
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and the israeli army spokesperson however has said that the move was to calm the violence especially after four hundred palestinian protesters attacked an israeli border police vehicle for almost four hours earlier this week palestinians mock the annual palestinian prisoners day and this was possible the palestinian national council back in one nine hundred seventy four as a means of consolidating efforts to support palestinian prisoners who are currently being held in israeli jails on wednesday about three thousand palestinian prisoners refuse they food this is in solidarity with the event at the same time activists told fifty metres of the prison plains that prison which is on the outskirts of ramallah in the west bank where they mounted a palestinian flag and this forced the i.d.f. as well as israeli border police to use why it control measures to disperse the group also in gaza hundreds of people marched from gaza city to the offices of the international committee of the red cross the palestinian authority has sent and
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urgently to the european union foreign policy chief catherine ashton calling for a prompt intervention to save the life of prisoners in israeli. generals who are currently conducting a hunger strike the most notable among them is a prison or something or other is sol we who has been striking for some three hundred days there are four thousand nine hundred palestinians who are currently held in israeli jails hundred sixty eight of them are under administrative detention without charge or trial. up ahead our t. looks at an obstinate part of the united states and that's a living by well it's own rules explore texas with us that's coming up in just a minute. but you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for like you think you understand it and then you glimpse
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something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. of me speak your language. programs in documentaries in arabic in school here on all t.v. reporting from the world talks about six of the ip interviews intriguing stories are used. in trying arabic to find out more visit arabic all tito it's called. hold it. hold it hold it. there i will tell. you.
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that even though the speech. she. heard her. wish i was. done with good bill. just seem to. come out of my mind i'm a better job i'm. sorry. you see. regarding what the republic of texas was in eighteen thirty six.


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